Welcome to Blwyddyn 3 a 4

We are busy collecting information for Blwyddyn 3 a 4 class pages and hope to showcase some brilliant work completed during the year.


We are doing some fun programming work using logo commands and terry turtle software to find our way around mazes and racetrack, making shapes of cars, castles and houses and having a brilliant time making fantastic patterns.


You can view and download a pdf file of an overview of the planned work and themes for the Autumn Term (Sept 2021) here or for a ‘quick view’ image please use the images below.

Bl 3 & 4 Overview Term 1 Sept 21 Page 1
Bl3&4 Overview Term 1 Sept 21 Page 2










Our Roman Day Pictures!

We recently had a lot of fun dressing like Roman people, Emperors and Soldiers.  In class we learnt about the Roman empire and made mosaic patterns on vases and constructed a Roman numeral clock, it was a brilliant day!